Android Business Apps for Tablets

Android Business Apps

Android AppsI recently read on the website an interesting article on the best business applications for Android and I try to summarize the key points below.

There are many apps in the Google Play Store and it can be difficult to identify the  best ones for people who use their Android tablet for work. The author of the article suggests 10 gems to be considered for this purpose.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best applications for working with the cloud (another one is Ubuntu One ).

It ‘s a free app compatible with most other applications that work with the cloud and is supported by most platforms.

2. Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is a free app that supports functions like Office and most of the file formats of other applications so it can be used with almost any type of documents.

It has a simple user interface and includes also support for services on cloud storage.

3. TouchDown

TouchDown is one of the Android apps that is more similar to Outlook. TouchDown can connect to Exchange servers and provides a single interface to access e-mail, calendar , contacts and activities. There are versions for both phones and tablets (in this case, be sure to install the HD version ).

What makes TouchDown one of the best mail clients  are the built-in configuration options. If you are looking for an e-mail application that can be configured to suit your exact needs, TouchDown is the real deal .

The app requires a payment , but you can ask a free trial for 30 days before buying it .

 4. ASTRO File Manager

There are several good file managers for Android, but we think that Astro File Manager is the best because of a SMB plugin that allows moving files between shared folders and the extensive file search capabilities.

 5. Locale

The Locale app allows you to automatically configure your device according to the location where you are.

For example, you can turn off automatically the ringer when you arrive at work, change the background according to the place, switch on or off the WiFi without interaction , and more

 6. Google Drive (Together with Quickoffice)

Almost all Android users have a Google Account . Most of these users use the powerful Drive function. The best way to use Drive from your smartphone or tablet is to install the Google Drive application. This application allows you to create , edit and manage documents on Drive. And if you need MS Office in Google Drive, be sure to install also  Quickoffice The installation of these apps is free.

7. Splashtop Remote Desktop

The Splashtop Remote Desktop app allows you to remotely access your desktop and supports both PC and MAC. It uses a proprietary protocol that can even do video streaming at high resolution in real time. The only limitation is that it does not allows you to transfer files to and from your mobile device.

 8. CamCard

The use of the CamCard app is the easiest way to get information from business cards on your Android tablet. Use the device camera to do the scanning of business cards and then save the information in Contacts.

 9. Cloud Print

The Cloud Print app  can be used to print to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print from anywhere in the world.

10. SignMyPad Pro

If you need to sign documents on your mobile device you can use the SignMyPad Pro app . It allows also to insert in the signature GPS coordinates for safety. You can open a PDF document to sign it and save it or use the optional magnetic stylus. There is a free version and a more sophisticated version to be purchased.

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  1. Kingsoft (now WPS) is one of the few mobiles office programs that will run a spreadsheet in the protected mode just like Excel. Others require the entire file to be unprotected before using it. I have written several spreadsheet engineering files for mobile use on tablets and cell phones so that is a handy feature. Android’s speech recognition keyboard makes filling in cells easy

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