Kindle E-Book Formats

E-Book Formats

Kindle PaperwhiteThe Amazon Kindle Store is the largest library of digital ebooks in the world . Unlike other online stores where ebooks are downloaded  mainly in only two formats, PDF and EPUB, the Amazon Kindle Store we can find different ebook formats such as AZW, AZW3, PRC, Mobi, HTMLZ, and many others.

In this article we want to make some ‘clarity on why there are all these formats and also try to understand what are the main differences between them.

Let’s start with the AZW format. This is the format developed by Amazon and is certainly the most popular e-books format available in the Kindle Store. According to rumors, AZW mean Amazon Wordbut Amazon has never confirmed or declared the meaning of these initials. AZW format is characterized by a DRM system that restricts viewing files exclusively on the registered device from which the book was purchased. This can sometimes be a big problem especially if you have multiple mobile devices and you want to move the eBook from the Kindle on a smartphone or on another tablet. In fac you can find on the net several ebook convertersthat in addition to changing the format of the digital book are also able to remove the DRM protection from the AZW file.

The AZW3 format is a variation of the AZW format and is also known as KF8. At first it was only supported by the Kindle Fire tablet and later has been expanded to the fourth generation Kindle and Kindle software for PC / Mac. Compared to the AZW format or MOBI, AZW3 is more advanced because it supports multiple styles, fonts and layouts. Over time, this format will gradually replace the MOBI ebook format,

MOBI is an open standard format for publication of books. The eBooks created in this format can have .prc or .mobi extension. The  MOBI format may contain complex content, navigation controls, advanced support indexing, dictionaries and have a high level of compression. Most MOBI ebooks download from the Internet today are unprotected and playable on any device.

Another book format available for Kindle readers is the TPZ (Topaz). These are the ebook with a particular file structure and data, and in most cases have no DRM protection. If a TPZ ebook is protected by DRM it takes on a new format and a new extension that is AZW1.

Finally we should mention also the ebook format HTMLZ: it consists of simple HTML files compressed into a zip archive.

 The above ones are the formats currently supported by the Kindle. New ones might be added in future.


A Video on the Amazon Kindle Formats



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