New Amazon Kindle 2016

Amazon Kindle 2016

KindleAmazon has recently released a new version of the popular Kindle E-Book Reader which is  11 percent thinner, 16 percent lighter, has more rounded edges and comes in white as well as black.

There has not been any major change, but the designers have been able to shave some weight off the e-reader it makes a difference. At 5.7 ounces or 161g, the new  entry-level Kindle is the second lightest Amazon reader, trailing only the top-of the line Amazon Kindle Oasis.

This entry-level model has not an integrated light, which instead can be found in the Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis models, which  have also higher-resolution displays  (300 ppi instead of 167 ppi) and obviously have higher prices.

This Kindle has also a touchscreen, which wasn’t available with the 2014 baseline model and it’s equipped with 4GB of storage, which enables you to store thousands of e-books. Amazon has also doubled the amount of RAM, bumping it up to 512MB

The price is very affordable and has not changed from the older version.

Features of the new Amazon Kindle

Among the new Kindle features there is Bluetooth audio, which allows visually impaired readers to hear VoiceView audio (automated reading of what’s on the page), as well as navigation prompts on wireless headphones or speakers.

The new Kindle is  a Wi-Fi-only e-reader: There’s no version that bundles 3G cellular data service.

Here’s a quick summary of the design and feature upgrades in the Kindle 2016:

  • It’s 11 percent thinner and 16 percent lighter than the previous model.
  • The new Kindle is available in white as well as black.
  • Its edges and body are slightly rounded, compared to the squared-off look of the previous model.
  • It adds Bluetooth audio for accessibility, so visually impaired readers can hear VoiceView audio.
  • A personalized home screen adds more integration with Amazon’s GoodReads community recommendations.
  • A new “export notes” feature finally lets you send your notes and highlights to your email

A Video Review of the New Amazon Kindle



You can read user reviews of Amazon UK customers

The new model is available online and you can order it though the following link

==> Kindle Page of Amazon UK

==> Kindle Page of Amazon IT


Amazon Kindle 2016 Review


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